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Author: Dylan
Published: 20-Oct-2020

Welcome to Beat Hippo - the all-new marketplace for buying and selling vinyl records, CDs and cassettes. It has a number of features of interest to buyers and sellers of music, including super-low selling fees, bulk & individual sales, easy, secure card payments and the ability to upload your Discogs inventory for sale on Beat Hippo. Sign up with us and start enjoying buying and selling music with us.

Selling with Beat Hippo

Low selling fees

The highest you will ever pay is 5%. Our best sellers pay only 3% per sale.

Discogs inventory

Upload your current Discogs inventory to Beat Hippo.

Varied sales

Sell individual listings and create bulk clearance sales for your customers.

Sales analysis

Examine your sales with multiple charts and tables.

Easy shipping

Easy-to-set shipping and the ability to set free shipping discounts.


Set percent discounts on individual listings.

As sellers and buyers of music ourselves, our principal objective in creating Beat Hippo was to provide a feature-rich, easy-to-use space where great buyers can buy music from trusted sellers. Buying music in any format can often be a bit of a minefield - Beat Hippo simplifies the process, making it the perfect place to buy and sell music, irrespective of your experience.

Selling with us is simple, whether you're an experienced seller or someone selling a collection for the first time, Beat Hippo is the perfect place for you.

Why sell on Beat Hippo? First off, we are hands-down the cheapest place to sell vinyl records, cds and cassettes on the web. Initially your fee will be 5% per sale, reducing to 3% if your sales volume is high. Also, there are no nasty end-of-the-month invoices to settle. You pay as you sell using the market-leading payments platform, Stripe.

Beat Hippo Fees (per sale)

up to 20 sales / month 21 - 40 sales / month 40+ sales / month

Stripe Fees (per sale)

1.4% + 20p1.4% + 25c2.9% + 30¢


Comparison with Discogs on UK sale to a buyer in Europe for £20.00:

Discogs (8%) + PayPal (3.4% + 30p)=(£1.60 + £0.68 + £0.30)=£2.58

Beat Hippo (5%) + Stripe (1.4% + 20p)=(£1.00 + £0.28 + £0.20)=£1.48

It is incredibly simple to set up a shop on Beat Hippo. The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes including onboarding with Stripe. But why else should you sell with us?

Unlike most other marketplaces for selling and buying music, Beat Hippo allows you to create bulk job lot sales. This is great for your customers as they pick up an awesome deal while you get to clear your shelves of those stubbornly hard-to-sell items.

You can also set percent discount sales on individual items and free shipping set at a specific price for different countries.

It's easy to add individual listings to Beat Hippo but if you're already selling on Discogs, upload your Discogs inventory so that you can sell on both marketplaces.

If that isn't enough, Beat Hippo also allows offers with counter-offers, a full feedback and messaging system, extensive sales analysis with charts and tables, we don't use cookies, ads and never - under any circumstances - share your data.

Buying with Beat Hippo

Stripe card payments

Pay with your card using Stripe with full protection and privacy.


Make offers and counter-offers on individual items.

Varied sales

Buy individual listings, bulk job lots and discounted items.

Customer service

Quick and easy disputes process, refunds and strong policies.

Easy to use

Simple user-friendly interface - create an account in minutes.

Easy shipping

Strong policies, clear prices, and free shipping offers.

Newcomers to buying music online face a relatively steep learning curve. You have to learn about the grading process, find the precise version, make sure you aren't paying over-the-odds for shipping, and calculate whether the total price fits the worth of the item. You also have to consider the seller's feedback and expect the best packaging and service.

The foremost aim of Beat Hippo is to make the process easier for everyone. Whether you're a brand new buyer with only the vaguest understanding of buying music online, or a veteran collector, the website is easy-to-use and fuss-free.

That's why Beat Hippo's interface is designed to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible and you are only ever 3 steps away from adding an item to your bag, to completing the order using Stripe.

There are multiple different ways to make a purchase: buy individual items, bulk job lots and find discounts and deals on new and used vinyl records, CDs and cassettes.

Beat Hippo works hard to protect buyers from dodgy selling practices such as drop shipping, and monitors shipping and feedback to make sure all our sellers are awesome.

Privacy at Beat Hippo

We value your privacy at Beat Hippo. That's why your data is encrypted and we don't use cookies, advertisements and will never, for any reason share your data.

Join Us

Sign up with us and start enjoying buying and selling vinyl records, CDs and cassettes on the platform built by music lovers for music lovers.

Beat Hippo is supported in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, & United States.

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