Buyers Guidelines

If you plan to buy on Beat Hippo, please read the following guidelines.



There are 2 types of listing for sale:

  • Standard single unit listing;
  • ... and a bulk-type listing known as a joblot;
  • Both of these types of listing are added to your bag in the same way.

Bag And Checkout

  • If you add a listing to your bag and you do not proceed to checkout, it is not removed from the listings;
  • This means that another buyer can purchase the item until you proceed to checkout;
  • Once you have proceeded to checkout the item is removed from the seller's listings and you are expected to complete the order within 1 hour;
  • If the shop has not set a shipping band for your country you won't be able to buy the item;


See more about Stripe here

  • Stripe is a super-safe payment solution which photo-verifies our sellers and has an unrivalled reputation for combating fraud and solving disputes.
  • All payments will be completed after checkout;
  • Beat Hippo does not have access to any of the data from your Stripe payment.


    Reasons for disputes include the following:

  • Late response to setting shipping and unsatisfactory response to messages (3+ working days);
  • Strongly offensive language used in a message;
  • Late shipping and unsatisfactory response to messages (3+ working days);
  • Legitimate refund request ignored;
  • Let us know about it and we'll seek to resolve the issue ASAP.


  • To request a refund, contact the shop in question directly;
  • Shops have to set refund limits - this is the time by which you should make a refund request;
  • The minimum refund limit is 28 days
  • If you have met with an unsatisfactory response, raise a dispute (see above)