Yorkshire Book Shops and Your Privacy

Privacy Policy

1.1 Your privacy is one of our top priorities. That’s why we don’t use cookies and never, under any circumstances share your data with third parties. The only reason we ask for a small amount of information about yourself is to make your experience using Yorkshire Book Shops as smooth as possible. Our guidelines apply to both buyers and sellers using our platform.

1.2 Yorkshire Book Shops has a mixture of private and public pages which fall into three security levels:

  • (1.2.1) Signed out public pages: a number of pages, such as the home page and marketplace, are visible to users not signed in;
  • (1.2.2) Signed in private pages: pages such as your home page are visible only to yourself following sign in;
  • (1.2.3) Signed in public pages: there are a few pages, such as your public profile page, which are visible to anyone signed in.


2.1 We use Stripe to authorise and collect payments. This means that Yorkshire Book Shops never sees your card information and Stripe also discards any data you do not wish to store with them.

2.2 Anyone wishing to sell with us will have to set up an account (if you don’t have one already) with Stripe. To do this, you will need photographic ID and other forms of identification, such as mobile phone confirmation.

2.3 All our sellers are personally verified by Stripe. In the rare case of a seller violation, we will take the appropriate action, remove the offender from the site and, if necessary, inform the appropriate authorities.

Site Security

3.1 We encrypt all our traffic with regularly-renewed SSL certificates which make it very difficult for third parties to intercept and decipher data sent over the web.

3.2 We use high level security protocols and have a strong firewall policy.

3.3 Yorkshire Book Shops will undergo regular security audits at site and server level to ensure security for our users.

3.4 Yorkshire Book Shops does not use advertising

3.5 Yorkshire Book Shops does not use cookies anywhere on the site for any use.

Disclosure of Personal Information

4.1 We do not use advertising and never share your information with any third party.

4.2 Yorkshire Book Shops uses a basic messaging system which allows users to message and share information with each other. It is highly recommended that you are cautious about disclosing personal information with other users as Yorkshire Book Shops cannot be held responsible for any data breach involving another party using the website.

Information Collected


Level Data Use Protection
Personal / business informationFirst and second name; address; email; locale info; VAT number; stripe connection id; internal messages / feedback between users; customer service requests; sales dataRequired for delivery of ServiceMostly private. Address and contact information is shared at the time of a sale between seller and buyer and individual profiles. Servers protected by strong security protocols and firewalls. Passwords protected by strong encryption and system access controls. Sales data is backed up and stored securely.
Preferences / sales informationShipping preferences; images; public information re. Shop and user; Sales dataProvision of ServicePublic


6.1 One of the benefits of Yorkshire Book Shops is that, unlike most other sites, we never share your information. Resultantly, we do not need cookies and do not use them.

Notifications, emails and Spam

7.1 We never send spam and do not condone the misuse of our messaging system to do so.

7.2 Misusing Yorkshire Book Shops to send spam to users is considered a seller violation.

7.3 Notifications and emails will be sent to users for the following reasons:

  • (7.31) Account confirmation;
  • (7.32) Welcome email;
  • (7.33) New message;
  • (7.34) Order or sale;
  • (7.35) An offer or counter offer for an item is made;
  • (7.36) If a violation is made according to our buyer and seller conditions.

Your Rights

8.1 You have the right to request personal data that we hold about you, subject to us reserving the right to withhold such data to the extent permitted by law. We may charge an administration fee in line with data protection laws and we may also require appropriate evidence of identity. Note that you may be able to rectify certain aspects of your personal data within your account on our service (if applicable).

8.2 If you are located within the EU and the GDPR regulations apply to our processing of your personal data, you have the right to request the following from us:

8.2.1 Access to personal data of yours that we hold

8.2.2 That we correct or rectify any incorrect personal data that we hold

8.2.3 That we erase any personal data of yours that we hold

8.2.4 To receive your personal data provided to us

8.3 Please contact us if you believe that the EU GDPR regulations apply to you and you wish to exercise your rights under GDPR. Please note that we might ask you to verify your identity before responding to requests.

8.4 You also have the right to complain to a Data Protection Authority about our use and collection of your personal information. For more information, please contact the relevant data protection authority in your area.

8.5 For further information about your rights under UK data protection laws, see the website of the UK Information Commissioner.

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